What we do

TPA plays a vital role as senior counsel to a select group of closely-held companies and families active in mature and emerging markets.

We identify geopolitical trends and translate these into commercial opportunities. TPA works with owners to structure sustainable commercial opportunities across regions. By working with principals and sovereigns, we are able to mitigate risk and create possibilities that offer the desired return or result.

We build interactivity between a group of dedicated owners and work with them across generations and regions.

The motivation for this activity is the wish to connect and transact in a discrete and mannered way - so that processes and relationships between the parties can be managed and maintained beyond the immediate.

We are lead by a team of senior professionals, all of whom have decades of cross-border investment, financial and operational and advisory experience across a wide range of industries and geographies.  TPA partners with Berlin Global Advisors (BGA) a highly respected provider of political risk consulting, transaction intelligence and corporate diplomacy services to financial investors and corporate clients worldwide.